Ludwig Bemelmans Biography

American writer and artist Ludwig Bemelmans wrote a children’s book titled Madeline, about a little French girl, in 1939. He created numerous sequels, some of which were adapted for television. Madeline is with her schoolmates in this scene from Madeline and the Bad Hat.

Ludwig Bemelmans (1898-1962), American writer and artist, born in Meran, Austria (now Merano, Italy). He immigrated to the United States in 1914. For about a decade he worked as a busboy and then as assistant banquet manager in a New York City hotel; his Life Class (1938) and Hotel Splendide (1939) are based on his experiences during this period. Among his other writings, satirical and humorous, are My War with the United States (1937) and On Board Noah's Ark (1962). He is also widely known for his books for children, notably Madeline (1939) and its numerous sequels, all tales in verse about a French girl. Bemelmans illustrated most of his works in a distinctive style using vivid watercolors and heavy black outlines.

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