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Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots Snakeskin cowboy boots Snakeskin cowboy boots For centuries, horsemen wore boots with a high heel to protect their feet (Snakeskin cowboy boots). The cowboy boot originates from a variation of different boot styles, the Wellington being the most familiar. Cowboys also preferred the Hessian boot, which had a v-cut down the top center of the boot. Through the 1800s, the European cavalier style boot became popular. This boot had a higher heel and was made of finer leather. Cowboy boots always had a square toe until the 50s, when the round and pointed toe began appearing. It was during this period that cowboy boots became quite the rage because rodeos and country music were a popular form of entertainment. Manufacturers began making cowboy boots in all shapes, colors and styles. To this day, cowboy boots are appreciated everywhere for their charm and sex appeal.

The broadcast industry also played a hand in the rising popularity of cowboy boots. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and the like were heroes to many and to own a pair of snakeskin cowboy boots like the “boys” wore, was every young boy and man’s dream. Even women who idolized heroines like Annie Oakley and Dale Evans had to own a pair of boots.

The cowboy boot has evolved in fashion keeping stride with modern times. Now cowboy boots have pointed heels, the original leather has given way to skins such as alligator and buffalo and they have tussles and paint. There are endless styles of cowboy boots to suit every taste. For the well heeled, that's a fashion statement riding high.

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