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History of Cowboy Boots

If you have seen celebrities wearing cowboy boots on the pages of all your favorite magazines you will probably want to buy a pair for yourself. However, it can be difficult to choose the pair for you but we hope that after you have read this you will have all the information you need to make the right decision.
History of Cowboy Boots

Cowboys first wore these boots when working since they needed a pair of boots that were sturdy and practical. They needed to protect their feet during the course of their day when they were constantly mounting and dismounting horses, as well as working and training them and cattle. The areas that they had to work in were often rough and the horses and cattle unpredictable, so it was important that their footwear was up to the job! This meant that boots have evolved over the years to become what we know to be cowboy boots. (History of Cowboy Boots)

It is thought that cowboy boots actually originated from the cavalry boot, which dated back to the 1860’s during the Civil War. These boots were modified over the coming years so that they fitted better and were suited to the working conditions of working cattlemen. Since the highest demand for these boots was in areas wear there was a lot of cattle ranches, it makes sense that this is where there was the largest number of specialized bootmakers. Examples of these areas include Kansas and Texas.
These days, cowboy boots have evolved to become not only the boot of choice for cowboys working hard on a ranch, but also for people wanting the latest in fashion footwear. They have a high heel, especially on fashion boots, with a pointed or rounded toe. These days, the toe is more pointed but a pair of cowboy boots designed for working in will only have a slight point to the toe since anymore would be difficult and unpractical to work in. They also have no lacing and are most often made of leather. However, they may also be made of alligator, snake, buffalo, and ostrich. Some more flamboyant pairs of boots may even be decorated in rhinestones or studs, although you won’t see many cowboys in Texas with a pair like this!
The soles of cowboy boots are designed so cowboys can place their foot in the stirrup and mount their horses with ease. This means that the leather sole is treadless and smooth. The high heel is very important since this ensures that the cowboy’s foot does not slide through the stirrup if the rider was unseated. This could potentially save their life. The lack of laces and comfortable fit also may help prevent a serious accident if the rider was unseated, as the rider’s weight will pull the boot from their foot. Another feature of cowboy boots is the tall shaft. This protects the rider both on and off the horse. When riding, the leg will be protected from the saddle rubbing, and from long grass and thorns. When dismounted, the leg and foot of the cowboy will be protected from rocks, thorns, and even snakes! (History of Cowboy Boots)

Although you won’t be wearing your boots in rough terrain, you will still find that they offer you a great deal of comfort and protection and will wonder what you ever did without them!

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