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Knee-High Boots

So, you just learned not to wear your ankle boots with a short skirt, right? Well, let me tell you that you can wear your knee-high boots with a short skirt – just do not try to wear them with a short and tight mini-skirt, unless you are trying to look like a street-roamer. (Knee-High boots)

Rather, choose an A-line mini skirt that does not hit higher than mid-thigh (Knee-High boots). This is still a sexy look, but it is much more sophisticated than the aforementioned look (Knee-High boots). You could also choose a fitted skirt with an above-the-knee hemline. You want to be sure that there is a gap between the top of the boots and the hem of your skirt. (Knee-High boots)

A mid-calf skirt also looks great with a pair of knee-high boots. Just avoid a fitted skirt – something with an A-line cut is going to be much more flattering. (BLACK and BROWN KNEE-HIGH BOOTS)

When you buy a pair of knee-high boots, it is important to find a pair that fits your calf well (unless you are looking for cowboy boots). If you have very skinny calves, it may be difficult to find a well-fitting boot (Knee-High boots). In this case, you may decide to buy boots that stretch. These are more likely to cling to your calves.

Regardless of whether or not you buy yourself a pair of knee-high boots or ankle boots, buy yourself a pair of boots (Knee-High boots)! There are so many style options that you are missing out on if you do not own at least one pair of boots. And once you do get a pair of boots, feel free to experiment. You may find that it is even OK for you to break some of the aforementioned boot “rules.” Go with whatever suits your style and your figure the best.

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