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Vintage Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have been a long time symbol of the great American west. Vintage boots have always taken on a personality of their own – lending to the cowboy or cowgirl who wore them years ago. They are now serious collectors’ items, some dating as far back as the 1800s. Relatively hard to find, prices for these vintage, rare finds range from $950 to $3500. If you are interested in finding a pair, you can check your local western apparel shop, or search the Internet for “Vintage Cowboy Boots”. There are several sites listed. (Vintage Cowboy Boots)

The evolution of the cowboy boot begins with a tall boot ranging between 13 to 18 inches in height with intricately designed heels one to two inches high. Sought-after vintage cowboy boots have original spur straps with brass conchos complete with chains and jinglebobs. Rare beauties, you can find these boots in collectibles' stores specializing in vintage cowboy boots. of Ulli Johnston's Wild West Store in Wimberley, Texas exemplifies a collectibles’ store. You will find hundreds of vintage cowboy boots, some used, some never worn, colorful, monogrammed and inlaid, most custom-made. (Vintage Cowboy Boots)

The interest in cowboy boots has spread across the world and stores such as Ulli's have customers as far away as Australia, Europe and Scandinavia. There is non-stop interest in cowboy boots for their universal panache and sex appeal. (Vintage Cowboy Boots)

Vintage cowboy boots attract a range of customers including men, women, students, and true collectors. Some antique and collectibles' enterprises have added cowboy boots to their collections because of the popular demand and the lore connected to them.

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