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Womens Work Boots

Women have more special needs when it comes to work boots – the shoes have to be hardworking, yet feminine. This compromise was almost impossible years ago when work boots were primarily designed for men, and tended to be rugged and too bulky. But these days, more and more manufacturers are realizing that women are buying work boots, and are now coming up with designs especially for the feminine demographic. So dump those awkward and masculine work boots – you have choices now.

Women’s work boots are now more colorful than ever. You can get the same high-performing work boots in fashionable colors such as cherry red, mustard, orange, and pistachio, among others. You will still enjoy the same air-cushion non-marking outsoles, layers of cushioning, and leather that is resistant to chemicals and oils.

Best of all, women’s work boots are now constructed with narrower bases to snuggly fit smaller feet. They are also lightweight and comfortable. Say goodbye to unflattering bulky shoes that look too big for you. The hardware on women’s work boots are also much streamlined, which is good news if you do not like bigger, more masculine buckles.

Women’s work boots tend to be a little pricier than men’s boots. But the few extra dollars are more than worth it for these stylish pairs. Expect to pay an average of $100 to $150 for more popular brands, but you can also get work boots for a lower price – about $80. For most women, these shoes are worth every penny. You are, after all, paying for hand-sewn construction, forefoot cushioning, linings and insoles that absorb moisture, and overall stylishness.

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