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NEW CARS TECHNOLOGIES: Hybrid Electric Cars and Car gas hydrogen

This car will be mirror of future technology  How Nice Car For Future Technology:

 This car will be mirror of future technology and world. When I see this car than I amazed. This car design is very latest and strong. This car has no engines, no drivers, no limits and no steering wheel. This car is surprise of the future. This car shapes is very different.

 The visibility is unpredictable, converging high fashion and high technology. The car very latest design that no engine, no steer wheel, and petroleum-free. The designers came out with really unique revolutionary ideas. It has minimum weight and perfect aerodynamics, low resistance mobility, and very efficient. After all, I like this car because it design, engine. Colors. Overall is very latest. It’s very fantastic.

 Technology Behind Hybrid Cars

 The biggest query that people are asking nowadays is what type of vehicles we shall be going to drive in the future? If you are wondering, then you should be aware that this query has stimulated many human minds and their brains as the oil reserves of the world are declining to such a disturbing degree that people are asking questions about how long with the oil reserves of the world last us? These worries are not baseless since the earth has got a limited supply of fuel left and very soon the day will come when there will be no fuel left at all. How can we beat this scenario without causing discomfort to us? There is a simple solution and the answer is to go in for hybrid cars.

Technology Behind Hybrid Cars  The technology behind hybrid cars are that they are designed to run on alternative fuels like solar cells or hydrogen gas without emitting any toxic gases in the atmosphere. There are people who ask if these hybrid cars perform as well as their fuel counterparts? If one looks under the bonnet of a hybrid car, they will notice that it has two engines instead of one. One of them runs using electricity and the other uses diesel or petrol. Both these engines work in tandem and give you both better performance and higher mileage at a cheaper cost. You will never be stuck if the fuel finishes. The electric engine will ensure that you reach home.

 Hybrid Cars Negative Environmental Impact

 If you take the total environmental cost of a vehicle as the point from when the car was first designed to when it is dismantled, or hopefully recycled, hybrid vehicles don’t quite match the hype they are currently getting.

 A hybrid is a complicated vehicle, requiring lots of new technology and high tech components. A hybrid vehicle is harder to build because of its complexity, which means more energy is used in building the car. Some hybrids can charge their batteries from mains power, and this could be generated by ‘dirty’ technologies such as coal fired power stations or nuclear power. This is especially true for the pure electric cars on the market – it depends on how the electricity is produced as to what end effect your car is having on the environment.

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