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MEDIUM TRUCKS - Dump trucks

MEDIUM TRUCKS - Dump trucks  Dump trucks have large open beds for hauling loose material such as gravel or soil. To empty the bed's contents, a hydraulic lift inside the truck tilts the bed, dumping the contents behind the truck. Dump trucks are common at busy construction sites, where large amounts of building materials are frequently moved.

 Medium-duty trucks have larger engines and frames than do light trucks and often have dual rear wheels or a second rear axle for carrying additional weight. Medium trucks are used primarily for local delivery work, for construction, and by municipal and utility fleets. Dump trucks have a hydraulically powered bed that tilts up and down for hauling and dumping rock, gravel, dirt, and debris. Garbage trucks have a large enclosed compartment and a hydraulic compressor for compacting and hauling refuse. Utility trucks with a boom and basket, nicknamed cherry pickers, are used by utility companies for lifting people up to work on utility lines or trees. Fire engines often have a large internal water tank and pump for fighting fires. Some carry large ladders for reaching the upper floors on multistory buildings. 2021.