Cheap Christmas Gifts
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October is rapidly approaching just around the corner and before we even have time to draw our breath, Christmas will be upon us. So now it is a good time to think about planning your Christmas shopping. And, if you are on a tight budget this year as many of us will be with the rising cost of living, you will probably be looking for some cheap Christmas gifts.

There is no disputing the fact that food, petrol, and energy costs have soared during 2008 and the aftermath of the Credit Crunch is leaving us all feeling more vulnerable than before. It is not surprising, therefore, that a lot of us will be looking to cut costs this Xmas as the future seems more uncertain than it was a year ago when we were experiencing unprecedented growth in the economy. It is quite amazing how in a few short months the whole global picture of the economy has changed. How do these analysts manage to get things so wrong for us all and the tax payers end up footing the bill for what can only be described as incompetent at best.

The US government is throwing money at the banks who have caused the problems and the ordinary man will still be expected to make his mortgage repayments or face eviction if he is unable to service his loan and yet if the banks had not been so greedy, he would not have been faced with this particular dilemma. The Western world seems obsessed with rewarding the trouble makers and penalising the honest man. We need change but with the antiquated, burdening, cumbersome political machinery that currently rules our beautiful world, there is little hope of any justice prevailing. You see, it doesn't actually do these incompetent fools any good to keep being forgiven for their mistakes. They are not learning anything by it. And it also doesn't do any good for these poor souls who are trying to make a better life for themselves to find themselves in a situation where they face crippling debt.

Now the incompetent fool has no impetus to change, he is financially secure and keeps hearing all the right noises of "you did your best", "everything is going to be OK", "You're feeling down, but don't worry, here is a nice big bonus for you to console yourself". Meanwhile, the honest humble man trying to make a better life for himself keeps hearing "Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on your loan", "despite our leniency on the arrears of your property, you are now in serious arrears and no longer able to pay, we are therefore now seeking possession of the property through the courts" " oh and of course, if we sell your home for less than you owe us, you will still be indebted to us". Now can this man, faced with all that pressure stand up for himself and say why have you given that silly oaf a fat bonus when he is an incompetent fool and leave me homeless? Bit unlikely unless he is superman.

Anyway, back to the subject of Christmas Shopping. Lets assume you are the poor soul who is experiencing all these problems that really are not all your fault (some silly overpaid fools fault really) but you still love your family and want to get some cheap Christmas gifts this year because that's all you can afford. It is possible. You can buy some really wonderful presents that cost very little with a bit of imagination a sharp eye. I recently was given a L10 voucher for my birthday to spend in any shop in our local shopping precinct. I managed to buy a small tub of Body Shop Body butter for L5. A set of gel inner soles for my clogs for L1, a lip liner for L1, a wonderful hair extension piece for L2 (everyone thinks it cost hundreds of pounds), and a blusher for L1 all from Primark. Now that is not bad going for L10. So there is no reason why you can't do something similar. 2021.