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Christmas has so many wonderful and joyous traditions which include the once very popular Christmas game called Snap Dragon. We don’t hear of this Christmas game being played in modern times however there is no reason why you couldn’t revive it today. Although do take precautions as and ensure adult supervision.

This old fashion Christmas game was once very popular and commonly played Christmas Eve as families gathered for the festive Christmas celebrations. It was joyously looked forward to and all members of the family both young and old enjoyed Snap Dragon with much fun and jesting. If you would like to re-introduce it to your family this Christmas season here is how it was played in olden times:

- Piled high on a plate was raisins and other dried fruit
- Brandy was then poured over the fruit
- Candles (the then common lights for a room) were put out
- A flame would set the brandy alit
- The game would then begin

Family surrounds the flaming plate of fruit. They must snatch the fruit from the flames, blow out the flames and then eat the fruit.

Accompanying the game was a ‘Snap Dragon’ song was also popularly sung while playing this once considered exciting Christmas game. The Christmas song ‘Snap Dragon’ sung the praises of being bold, not greedy and you won’t get stung!

Christmas games are a wonderful way for family to get together and enjoy some quality time while creating warm and cherished memories for a life-time! ©2021.