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Each year we all spend so much time trying to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. The whole family gets together to celebrate this time of year and an important aspect is the giving and receiving of presents. Although this is a happy time, the stress in finding exactly what you want can drive many people to despair. Certainly the weeks leading up to the big day find towns and malls heaving. This is why we have decided to put together this article to try and find alternative gifts and ideas to try this Christmas.

We think that there is nothing better to receive at Christmas than a gift that someone has taken time and effort in making. Not only is this more personal and often more cherished by the recipient, but is can also stop the serious damage to your credit cards as you struggle to pay for all those Ďmust haveí gifts! These gifts tend to be preferred since it shows the time and effort that you have gone to.

However, if you struggle to think of any creative ideas we have a list of fantastic homemade Christmas gifts.

Christmas Cake and Other Treats!

What about baking your own Christmas cake. It really couldnít be easier as long as you plan in advance. You need to bake the cake about 6 weeks before the actual day. There are some good recipes available and you can always add some brandy for an added kick! Once the cake is made the icing is easy. All you need to do is design the decoration. If you want to just give slices, for example to friends at work you can even design the decoration to the person. There are so many decorations that can be bought these days from modern designs to the more traditional. You can even buy icing pens to write your own festive greeting so there is nothing to stop you. Once you have made and decorated the cakes find some gift boxes to give the cake in. These will also need decorating and then labeled.

If you donít have a chance to bake then you can try making Christmas cookies or chocolate truffles. These are so easy to make and very luxurious with lots of cream and the obligatory alcohol added. This kind of gift will always be appreciated especially over the festive season when everyone loves to indulge in his or her favorite foods.

Relaxation Gifts.

A lovely gift for someone to receive would be product for the bath. There is a huge variety on offer in shops, but some are stupidly expensive for what you get. A better is idea is to make your own unique bath salts. The Internet has loads of recipes but if you canít find one then you can always use my preferred method. All you need are 3 bags of course sea salt, 3 bags of baking soda and some essential oils. Again, you can personalize this gift so you use the essential oil that the recipient loves. Some popular examples include lavender, citrus, and vanilla. Into small jars mix equal parts of the salt and baking soda and then add a few drop of oil and mix gently. All you need to do then is label the jars and wrap them for another easy, sensational gift.

Gift Baskets.

Many companies produce festive baskets full of gourmet foods, baths goodies, and fine wines. However, they charge a fortune and often contain things that you would never have chosen. Why donít you personalize a basket for whoever you are sending it too and fill it with all of their favorite foods and treats. You could even add a homemade CD with their favorite artists or how about a book by their favorite author. ©2021.