Benefits of Mesa State College
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Mesa State College strives to meet the diverse needs of each student that enrolls. The location of the College allows it to offer a full educational curriculum as well as the sports centered activities that are found throughout Colorado.

There are many Degree and Certification programs offered through Mesa State College that have been designed to meet the growing needs of the global community. Some of the degree programs offered at the College are not available through any other University. The two year programs provide students with a well rounded educational experience that prepares them for continuing to upper level coursework or entering the job market fully prepared.

The student population of Mesa State College is smaller than that of many Universities. This allows students to develop a closer relationship with both the faculty and fellow students. In addition to the campus offerings the college strives provide outreach educational opportunities to the community. Through several programs that are offered individuals who do not have time to attend college on a full-time basis can earn their degrees through the off-site opportunities. Many of the online courses offered provide students with the coursework they need to complete their degree. In addition, many of the courses which require attendance at the campus location are offered on weekends and in the evening for working students.

The administration and faculty of Mesa State College work collaboratively with the student body to assure that learning opportunities are continually expanded. Students who require special assistance in order to excel in their coursework are provided with tutoring services both on and off campus. The school also provides advisors who assist new students to set and meet goals that are achievable.

There are many programs and activities offered at the College. However, they are most renowned for their sports program. The Sports Department has won many awards and rankings throughout the United States that make it a viable option for an individual wishing to enter professional sports. In addition they have a Drama Department that provides visiting Directors that coach and assist students in furthering goals in the theatre.

The College offers on-campus living for students. This is advantageous for students who are not familiar with the winter climates of Colorado. A student that lives on campus finds that they are provided with a support network available twenty four hours a day. The students are not required to make any purchases that are not directly related to their academic studies. Meals are provided by the school and other living expenses are included in the fee for on-campus living.

Students are assigned advisors upon enrollment who stay with them throughout the four years at the College. These individuals are dedicated to helping a student to succeed and achieve the goals and objectives that they have established. They provide students with resources and funding information when needed.

A student at Mesa State College finds that the academic environment of the college is unsurpassed. They also find that with a small student population they do not get lost in the crowd. Each student, and their special needs, are addressed by the faculty of the College. An individual graduating from the College is fully prepared to move forward in their chosen career field. 2021.