Villanova University - Academic Excellence and Superiority
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Looking for a well rounded university that holds true to it's roots within the Catholic faith? Villanova University, founded in 1842 is located just outside of Philadelphia, PA. The school opens its doors to students of all religious orientations but was begun by an order of the Roman Catholic Augustinians. There are four major focuses at the college-the Engineering College, Nursing College, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Business.

The University has long been heralded one of the top institutions for higher education in the country and continues to receive awards and mentions each year. There are less than two hundred and seventy colleges and universities that are proud to have a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, Villanova is among the ranks. The school encompasses about 254 acres of land with its sixty classroom, laboratory, administrative and maintenance buildings.

Villanova University has a diversified student body with approximately sixty five hundred students hailing from forty five states in the US, Puerto Rico and from over forty five countries outside of North America. Full time faculty at Villanova University is 545 strong, giving a very personal and dedicated experience to all students. The current faculty to student ratio is 11:1.

When you are interested in intramural sports, VU offers over twenty sports in which you can participate. The school competes as a Division one school and enjoys a successful program. The stadium located on campus grounds can hold sixty five hundred fans. Each year, there is a special alumni weekend held. Over the course of the weekend, returning students can cheer the Wildcats football team on while waving their navy blue and white pennants. Alumni weekends also have social events and on campus activities for alumni and their families.

Considered one of the top 15 wired campuses, Villanova University offers students a tuition package that includes a laptop computer. This is to give everyone the opportunity to get a new computer if they have an older one or in some cases, to give students a computer to assist in the educational process when they don't already own one. This can be invaluable to those students which cannot ordinarily afford these electronics.

Many students entering Villanova as freshman have been deemed financially qualified for financial aid, although not all of these students apply for assistance. Of the group that does apply, around eighty percent receive aid in the form of a grant. It is Villanova's belief that every student wishing to further their education deserves the chance and should not be held back by financial stipulations.

Villanova University plays an active role in the surrounding community of Philadelphia and across the globe. Every year, students organize the largest Special Olympics Festival in the world. 2021.