American College Of Sports Medicine Programs - All That Aspiring Students Need To Know
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American College Of Sports Medicine Programs The American College of Sports Medicine, an institution held in high esteem the world over, specialises in exercise science and sports medicine. A leader in its field as well as the biggest of its kind, it has pioneered research in the diagnosis, prevention and cure of sports injuries and new developments in exercises.

Services provided by the American College of Sports Medicine
The departments at this institution offer a wide spectrum of services in the discipline of healthcare. Athletes, players of various sports, and cosmonauts besides ordinary people with physical challenges, have all benefited from the services of American College of Sports Medicine. The motto of the American College of Sports Medicine is to facilitate and integrate research, learning and practical usage of sports medicine with exercise science towards increased physical output, overall health and better quality of life.

Certificate courses
The certification courses offered by the American College of Sports Medicine are of a wide range, in keeping with its rich experience in sports medicine and related services, and reputation. The certifications at the American College of Sports Medicine are open to any person that qualifies for them.

The most popular certification programs as well as the category of applicants they are suitable for, are listed as follows:
- Health Fitness Certification
- ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
This course is meant for fitness trainers who wish to offer individualised fitness programs to their clients.
- ACSM Health / Fitness Instructor
Instructors conducting corporate, community and commercial programs on health and fitness will benefit from this certification.
- Clinical Certifications
- ACSM Exercise Specialist
Certificate course for professionals conducting exercise tests and training the people suffering from cardiovascular, metabolic or pulmonary ailments, for better health through exercise.
- ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist
People facilitating exercise management programs for patients of chronic ailments or any form of disability go through this certification.
Research Endowments The ACSM Foundation and the Office of Research Administration and Programs, an offshoot of the American College of Sports Medicine, has on offer grants for research for ACSM student members as well as researchers. The funding can be utilised for research in:
- Injury prevention
- Space physiology
- Weightlessness
- Factors influencing exercise and disease risk
- Exercise and aging
- Exercise and heart rate response

The Research Administration and Programs department is also a reliable source of scientific information for several National Center departments.

Publications of the American College of Sports Medicine
General public can access information and research studies on sports medicine, exercise science, fitness and health through the publications, books and video products of the American College of Sports Medicine. These include four journals, namely:
- Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
- ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal
- Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews
- Current Sports Medicine Reports

Besides these, the institution also publishes a bimonthly newsmagazine. 2021.