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Online Universities vs Conventional Universities

The advent of internet has led to a new debate among students and teachers alike. Some claim that the conventional way of studying is the best way while others claim that online universities is the way forward. In this article we wonít be judging which the best is but we will see the pros and cons of both types of institutions.

Conventional Universities Pros

There is a certain prestige involved with Conventional universities like Howard, Preston, and Oxford etc. this ensures that the person graduating from them would get preferential treatment. The environment of a university ensures that the people get inspired by there fellow students. In most cases the institutions are recognized and hence the student doesnít face the problem of not being accepted. The student can get on hand counseling and guidance if they needs to.

Conventional Universities Con

The limitation of resources means that the number of students cannot increase from a certain level. The student has to stay in an alien town if the universities are not in the personís home town. In case of international students some travel to far away lands in order to get there degree. The fees are usually astronomical as the infrastructure of the university needs constant funds.

Online Universities Pros

In online Universities there are no limitations when it comes to students as the online universities can handle many students in a given time because of no building restrictions. (Ashwood University, Rochville University takes more then 20000 students at a time)Students can study in there own houses through online classes. The fees are usually very economical (Ashwood University charges 479 dollars for its complete master program) then its conventional counterparts.

Online Universities Con

Online universities donít provide the environment to the student and the student can easily get distracted. There is also no source of first hand counseling like in the case of conventional universities. There is also the chance that the university that you are studying from is not accredited so you might not get recognized. You can check from a host of sources for accreditation for top universities like Ashwood, Belford, and Rochville etc.

The Verdict

There are advantages and disadvantages in both the cases. It is important that you choose a recognized university like Preston, Howard etc when it comes to conventional and Ashwood and Rochville etc when it comes to Online universities so that your degree is recognized everywhere.
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