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The onset of Alzheimer’s disease is usually very gradual. In the early stages, Alzheimer’s patients have relatively mild problems learning new information and remembering where they have left common objects, such as keys or a wallet. In time, they begin to have trouble recollecting recent events and finding the right words to express themselves. As the disease progresses, patients may have difficulty remembering what day or month it is, or finding their way around familiar surroundings. They may develop a tendency to wander off and then be unable to find their way back. Patients often become irritable or withdrawn as they struggle with fear and frustration when once commonplace tasks become unfamiliar and intimidating. Behavioral changes may become more pronounced as patients become paranoid or delusional and unable to engage in normal conversation. (Alzheimer Disease Symptom, Symptom Information Alzheimer Disease)

Eventually Alzheimer’s patients become completely incapacitated and unable to take care of their most basic life functions, such as eating and using the bathroom. Alzheimer’s patients may live many years with the disease, usually dying from other disorders that may develop, such as pneumonia. Typically the time from initial diagnosis until death is seven to ten years, but this is quite variable and can range from three to twenty years, depending on the age of onset, other medical conditions present, and the care patients receive. (Alzheimer Disease Symptom, Symptom Information Alzheimer Disease)

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