Heart Rate Monitor
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Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor A heart rate monitor is an indispensable performance partner, and aerobic ally. The device puts an end to exercise guessing games, by zoning in on exercise intensity, tracking cardio capacity, and keeping tabs on the general efficiency of your efforts. The data generated by a heart rate monitor acts as a reliable compass to enable you to reach your fitness goals.

Heart Rate Monitor Secret One - Fitness Feedback

Establishing your cardiovascular fitness level, based on factors such as age, weight, activity, and heart rate, is sensible before you start an exercise program. A quality heart rate monitor should include this feature. An additional benefit is that it provides you with a fitness baseline, for gauging improvement over time. It will also give you an idea of how fit you are, compared to the other magnificently muscled specimens of your age out there...

Heart Rate Monitor Secret Two - Measuring Motivation

The digits on a heart rate monitor have an astounding ability to activate your motivation button! This is especially true if you train on your own. A well-chosen device will detail exactly what is expected of you, and what you have to do to get there. The data the monitor constantly spews out keeps you on track to reach your exercise goals. A positive progress report from the heart rate monitor pushes you to improve your performance during each workout.

Heart Rate Monitor Secret Three - Pinpoints Perfect Pace

Pace depends on a wide variety of physical and external factors, such as your route, the weather, a new routine, or a rocky personal patch. Every fitness buff knows how easily the body can manipulate you into believing that you are really stretching yourself, while your true performance may be discouragingly dismal... With the feedback offered by a heart rate monitor, subjective judgements are balanced by objective fact. Time and again, this innocent-looking little device will motivate you to wearily trudge back to your targeted range.

Heart Rate Monitor Secret Four - Exercise Efficiency

If you have just been converted to the fitness fraternity, you may still believe in the old adage of 'no pain, no gain'. Your aim should rather be a gentler, sustained effort at your targeted heart rate, for a period of about 30 minutes. This is where the value of your heart rate monitor lies. By enabling you to stay on target, at the most beneficial exertion rate, the results of your super-efficient workout efforts will be noticeable within a short period.

Heart Rate Monitor Secret Five - Calorie Crunching Companion

Weight management, or weight loss, often features in fitness planning. A heart rate monitor with the capacity to support you in your efforts, can guide you toward your goal weight, and helps to keep you there. Some ranges, such as Polar, even have dedicated weight management monitors.

Using a heart rate monitor as part of a weight loss program, can include keeping track of calorie intake, as well as monitoring any form of activity during the day. In addition, your target heart rate range can be calculated automatically, to enable you to lose weight, and to use your exercise time as efficiently as possible. Once you reach your goal weight, your heart rate monitor can be used to come up with a new, personalized program for weight maintenance.

Heart Rate Monitor Secret Six - Mentor Mentality

The beauty of a heart rate monitor is that it acts as a mentor, with your best interest at heart, so to speak. Once your target heart rate for a productive training session has been established, your practicing partner watches you like a hawk. If you are a bit slack, and don't maintain the perfect pace to remain on target, your heart rate monitor gives you a stern wake-up call!

If you are a procrastinator, make sure you get a heart rate monitor that doesn't give you the opportunity to postpone your workouts. There is magic in a monitor mentor that tells you exactly when to gear up, what to do, and then doesn't let you off the hook for the duration of the session...

If you have any health concerns, it is a good idea to check in with a health practitioner before you start a training program. To help you to find a balance between injury causing over-training, and ineffective under-training, a heart rate monitor is a good investment.

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