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Disney Area Rentals: What Makes a Disney Area Rental an Excellent Choice for Disney Travellers?

If staying in a hotel is not your idea of a vacation, you might consider a Disney area rental for your upcoming trip to Orlando. Many vacationers enjoy hotel living and all the amenities that go with it…room service, housekeeping, pools, spas, etc. However, there are many individuals and families who prefer to spend their vacation in a home-away-from-home. For those people, a Disney area rental is probably the right choice.

Rental vacation properties possess many advantages. First of all, they offer more privacy for family members. Whereas hotels/motels confine everyone to the same room, Disney area rentals can feature multiple bedrooms, if so desired. That gives parents a little down-time after long days at the Disney parks with their children. If you're traveling with extended family members or friends, multiple bedrooms are a must.

Ever wonder how that one little hotel bathroom is going to accommodate all of you? With a Disney area rental, you can select a property with multiple bathrooms as well. That means no fighting over the bathroom and it ensures that everyone will be ready on time for that fancy dinner for which you've made reservations!

Vacationers who select Disney area rental properties usually note that one of their favorite aspects of such accommodations is the kitchen or kitchenette, which is almost always present in a vacation rental. Eating all your meals out can get to be quite expensive. Even if you'd prefer not to cook while on vacation, you can still use the kitchen facilities to refrigerate items for a quick breakfast of cereal, milk, and juice or take advantage of the oven or microwave in your Disney area rental to cook or warm-up an evening snack, like popcorn or pizza.

Disney area rentals are quite diverse. In the towns that surround the Walt Disney World resort, vacationers like you can find a number of different lodging options for rent. Condominiums are quite prevalent in the area and can be an affordable choice for families on a budget. You can find small condos of just 1 or 2 bedrooms or something much larger, if preferred. Many condominium properties provide amenities not unlike a hotel or resort, including pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, game rooms, and more.

A Disney area rental can also be quite posh. Indeed, if cost isn't a concern, you can locate a luxurious multi-bedroom single family home for your Walt Disney World excursion. While some vacationers may want the whole house or villa to themselves, some travelers choose this sort of Disney area rental when traveling with friends or extended family, therefore providing a separate bedroom for everyone. Often, these elaborate homes will boast a pool, spa, and other top-notch amenities.

There are plenty of in-between Disney area rental options as well, such as townhouses or small single family homes or cabins.

Before you start searching for a Disney area rental, determine your budget and remember to think about proximity to the parks. If you don't mind driving a bit to get to the front gates of Walt Disney World, you can probably find a better price on a Disney area rental that's a little further away from all the attractions. If being just a short distance from the park is essential, expect to pay a little more.

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