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Seniors Find Vacation Bliss in the Caribbean

All ages can enjoy travel to the Caribbean, but some islands are better suited to certain kinds of travelers than others. For example, younger travelers may want to search out places filled with hot nightspots, while those with families will want to choose islands where children can feel welcome. Senior travelers, on the other hand, can feel at home on almost any island in the Caribbean.

The biggest things to consider when planning a vacation to the Caribbean are the activities you'd like to pursue during your stay. Active travelers may wish to hike, sail, or snorkel. Different islands offer all of these activities, though some are known for snorkeling while others are better known for their nature trails. Still others may have a reputation for all-inclusive resorts and beautiful beaches.

Travelers searching for senior-friendly island activities can choose from the following, or explore other options, like seniors cruises and group trips.

Golf is a sport enjoyed by many people, and the Caribbean is home to some of the world's best courses. Travelers visiting Jamaican resorts such as the Wyndham Rose Hall and the Ritz-Carlton, or Aruba's Tierra del Sol, for example, will have the chance to play at courses created by world-class designers. The Dominican Republic, too, is home to famed courses like the Teeth of the Dog.

Another great way to relax during a vacation is by visiting a spa. Spas may not specifically target seniors, but relaxation is great for travelers of all ages. Couples can enjoy a spa together, or one can relax and be pampered while the other explores the resort's other amenities or nearby sites of interest. Indulgent spa opportunities can be found on just about any island, from the French/Dutch St. Martin/Maarten to tiny Saba, though frequently spas are a part of a larger hotel.

The Caribbean is known for its stunning beaches, of course, but many seniors may not find The Bahamas' famous Cable Beach as appealing as the tranquil shores of Aruba. Anguilla is also known for its gorgeous views and quiet shores, as well as for a somewhat more upscale atmosphere resulting from its British heritage. Another island to consider might be Tobago, known as one of the best spots for senior travelers and home to a number of beautiful beaches.

Gambling can be a fun way to spend an evening after an active day. The sister islands of Antigua and Barbuda offer a relaxing vacation to travelers by day, while at the same time providing a bit of nightlife. Similarly, the Dutch desert of Aruba has more than 10 casinos many of which open in the early afternoon, though they don't close until dawn. For those looking for a bit of Latin flare, Puerto Rico is home to a few casinos as well, though these do have to follow some U.S. laws most notably gamblers are restricted from drinking while playing games.

There are also plenty of ways to customize a vacation, and seniors are often given the tools to do just that. The AARP can help seniors to get discounts on travel, as well. Just remember to ask for a discount, as most places do not offer it to customers first.

Travel to the Caribbean can be full of active adventures, but it's easy to find a bit of peace and quiet during your stay.

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