Jog and Stay Fit
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JOGGING Jogging is usually an exercise program followed by athletes and sportspersons. But even ordinary people can choose this fitness program for their general body fitness. But before starting this fitness program you need to consult a physician to confirm that you are healthy. After the checkup you can start running during the mornings or evenings and continue it until you feel fatigued. Gradually increase your timings and choose a place where you can continuously run for at least thirty minutes.

Select a day in a week for running fast; it may be done on Wednesdays. Start off slowly and gradually increase the speed until you feel exhausted and your muscles become heavy. Slow down again till you breathe normally and start with speed again. Repeat this till your legs become heavy.

You may take a day off if you feel exhausted. Probably on Sundays you can jog a longer stretch. Start off with a 30-minute run and go on extending, week after week till you are able to run up to 90 minutes. Let Monday be a holiday and on Tuesday run slowly. On Wednesday take time to run faster.

Even if you are engaged in the other programs like rowing, cycling, swimming follow the same schedule. 2021.