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Safari Jackets

A typical safari look: a lightweight shirt coupled with a comfy pants, with an accent of a nice safari hat and a bag full of safari gears. What's left? Yes, the safari jacket. (safari jackets)

Safari jackets were primarily designed for use during on a safari trip. This tradition as started since late 1800's when Europeans begun to search for the wild found in the realms of Africa.

Safari, a Swahili term which means "journey" were then adapted into the English language since the popularity of the activity itself (safariing) has lurked into the highest people in the society. Thus, creating a snob appeal. (safari jackets)

Nowadays, safariing along with safari jackets have been receiving extensive fame and acceptance especially because the activity is rewarding and relatively educational. In fact, African safaris seem to have the appeal of being a naturalist's, environmentalist's, ornithologist's, ecologist's, hobbyist's haven. (safari jackets)

The fame of safari jackets was attributed to the adventure-look popularized in the turn of the century. These, since then, were designed for function and comfort in the African safari terrain. (safari jackets)

Since safari jackets appeal to both fashion and functionality, they were made by combining art that maximizes the use of each component. (safari jackets)

Though we may see safari jackets with over-emphasized pockets these days, no one can still contend that pockets are perfect when in the field. They allow you to have more things at any given time without the hassle of reaching up your backpack and get whatever you need. With more pockets comes more practicality.

Local tour operators don't normally allow their guests to bring as much equipment as they may want. In fact, everything is limited into a few pairs. Shirts are limited only into three with corresponding garments such as underwear, undershirts and the likes. Thus, with more pockets you have, you can bring in smaller gadgets with you whenever and whatever you think you might need them. (safari jackets)

Aside from its functionality, safari jackets are also efficient in making you feel secured from the harmful environmental factors such as the heat of the sun. (safari jackets)

The typical color of most safari jackets is khaki or beige. Though they can also appear in patterned forms and other shades of color. Nonetheless, the two neutral colors we have earlier mentioned are more ideal since they both complement the over-all functionality of the jacket.

Neutral colors, unlike brighter shades, have no properties that might attract or repel wild animals. These colors don't also absorb heat so that would give you the best of both worlds- comfort and functionality.

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