Aircraft Carriers

Abraham Lincoln Aircraft Carrier

The most important naval ships of modern times, aircraft carriers are massive vessels equipped with flight decks to support the takeoff and landing of military aircraft

Nuclear power propels the huge bulk of the Abraham Lincoln through the water. Part of the fleet of the U.S. Navy, the Abraham Lincoln provides a flight deck for high-performance planes. By naval standards the ship is very long, but its runway is still shorter than most air strips on land. To compensate for this, incoming planes use hooks on their undersides to catch arresting cables on the ships deck.

The largest and most advanced carriers in the world belong to the Nimitz class. Nimitz carriers stretch 333 m (1,092 ft) in length and carry 85 aircraft. Their crews number more than 3,000, and they also house aircrew and support teams numbering almost 2,500. They are powered by a two-reactor power plant.

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