Modern Destroyer

modern destroyer is a light, fast, ship

The modern destroyer is a light, fast, ship that serves a great variety of functions because of its speed, armament, and maneuverability.

It replaced the navy war sloop of the sailing era. Destroyers provide antiair, antisurface, and antisubmarine warfare capabilities. They carry 5-inch guns, a variety of antiship missiles, antisubmarine helicopters, and torpedoes. They range from 133 to 172 m (437 to 563 ft) in length, travel at speeds ranging from 30 to 33 knots, and have crews of about 400.

The Russian Navy has begun development into its Leader-class destroyer. These ships will be the first destroyers built in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union and will be nuclear powered. The first unit is expected to enter service in 2023, with 11 more units to follow in the coming years.

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